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Are you tired of the traditional healthcare system? Do you yearn for a practice that challenges the status quo and empowers physicians to make a real impact? Look no further! We are seeking a dedicated and passionate physician specializing in pulmonary and critical care medicine to join our innovative team in the suburbs near Austin, TX.

Here's what's wrong with medicine today:

  • Burnout epidemic: The relentless demands of the healthcare system often leave physicians feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.
  • Limited autonomy: Many doctors find themselves restrained by administrative bureaucracy, preventing them from providing the best possible care.
  • Lack of influence: Physicians often feel disconnected from decision-making processes within their hospitals, making it difficult to drive meaningful changes.

Here's how we are different:

  • Physician-owned: Our practice is owned and led by physicians who understand the importance of a supportive and fulfilling work environment.
  • Leadership opportunities: Join our team and take an active role in the leadership of the hospital where you admit. Be the change you want to see in healthcare.
  • Mentorship in interventional pulmonology: Under the guidance of a senior physician, you will have the optional opportunity to learn and practice interventional pulmonology, expanding your skill set and enhancing patient care.
  • Comprehensive mentorship: We provide mentorship not only in clinical practice but also in the business aspects of medicine, helping you develop a well-rounded and successful career.

Why you should come work with us:

  • Meaningful impact: Be part of a practice that fosters a culture of collaboration and values your input. Your expertise will directly contribute to improving patient outcomes and shaping the future of healthcare.
  • Autonomy and empowerment: We trust our physicians to make informed decisions and provide high-quality care without unnecessary interference.
  • Professional growth: Benefit from comprehensive mentorship programs that support your development in both the clinical practice and business of medicine.

Discover the wonders of our smaller city near Austin, TX:

  • Charming suburban community: Enjoy the serene and welcoming atmosphere in a city known for its small-town charm and friendly residents.
  • Rich history and culture: Immerse yourself in the beautiful Victorian architecture, historic downtown, and numerous art galleries.
  • Natural beauty: Explore the picturesque landscapes with access to stunning parks, rivers, and lakes for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Family-friendly environment: excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and a close-knit community, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

If you are a passionate physician seeking a practice that offers more than just a job, we would love to hear from you! Join us in enjoying the practice of medicine and shaping a brighter future for both physicians and patients.

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