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Full Stack Engineer - 1568688
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Our mission is to set a groundbreaking standard in software development. We're crafting the APIs and tools that will revolutionize how cutting-edge enterprises connect with their clientele. Built upon the principles of unwavering focus, rapid execution, and a dedication to craftsmanship, we are redefining the tech landscape.

Established in 2021, our foundation is an innovative notification infrastructure designed to empower engineering teams in defining the next-gen standard for user-centric communication.

As a fully remote team since inception, we span Europe, Asia, and the US East Coast. Our team members come exclusively from these time zones. Join a diverse collective of creators who thrive on new challenges and value the mastery of our craft.

In our tight-knit team, you'll find yourself tackling a diverse range of responsibilities: from frontend and backend work to architecture, API design, design systems, DevOps, and every element that crafts an extraordinary experience for users and their audiences.

We breathe and live open-source ethos, operating as a fully open-source company. We develop openly to harness the incredible insights the OSS community offers. It's not just about building a community; we're fully immersed in one. Contributing alongside the incredible work of fellow individuals is an integral part of our DNA.

We wield TypeScript to fashion a scalable ecosystem that's in a state of perpetual evolution. This isn't just for our benefit but for the community of open-source contributors we support. While we don't expect you to be a master of every tool we employ, a solid JavaScript foundation and experience with React are vital.

Your Role

  • Create novel user-facing features like API's, SDK's, UI components, and data entities.
  • Collaborate extensively in the open-source realm, engaging with fellow community members.
  • Implement analytics, monitoring, and alerts to bolster our service's responsiveness to incidents, ensuring optimum value for our users and community.
  • Develop tools and API's for developers, always prioritizing usability and Developer Experience.
  • Engineer a scalable architecture that serves as the backbone for numerous product and engineering teams worldwide.
  • Construct a novel solution that forms the pulsating core of companies, a transformative nexus of product-to-customer communication.

Tech Landscape

  • Utilize React frontend powered by Emotion, leveraging hooks for seamless functional composition.
  • Harness Websocket technology.
  • Employ a public REST API that enjoys access to all user data.
  • In the backend, utilize Node.js, MongoDB, and Redis.
  • Hosted on AWS through Terraform provisioning.
  • Platforms such as GitHub, Discord, and Notion drive our workflow.
  • Our design system encompasses a React component library.
  • Nest.js, applied with a use case architecture, enhances our capabilities.
  • Our code undergoes testing via Cypress and Mocha.

What We Bring

  • A harmonious work-life equilibrium.
  • Competitive salary and enticing equity offerings.
  • Equity terms structured to prioritize employees.
  • Outfitting with a MacBook Pro and associated accessories.
  • Allowance for setting up a comfortable home office.
  • Remote work setup, eliminating the need for commutes.
  • Covered co-working space or office desk.
  • Regular team events and off-site engagements.


  • A minimum of 6 years in software development.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript.
  • Hands-on experience with React, Angular, or Vue.

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