Loxo’s revolutionary AI-powered ATS is now free

Executive Search, RPO, in-house and recruiting agencies need an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed specifically for their type of recruitment. We understand how different the workflows are and built different versions of Loxo for every type of recruitment.

Free Applicant Tracking System

Why pay good money for any ATS / CRM when you can get Loxo for free?

Loxo’s state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting CRM is now available for free. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it’s true.

The Old Way

Your Existing ATS

  • Low adoption and difficult to train new users
  • Manual and clunky with an outdated interface
  • Searching and reporting is virtually impossible
  • Data you add quickly becomes out of date
  • Requires lots of third-party bolt on tools
  • Your ATS severely limits your recruiter’s potential because it does not offer any capabilities other than a database that posts jobs
The New Way

Loxo ATS

  • Easy to train, highest adoption of any ATS/CRM
  • Delightful and blazingly fast user interface
  • Searching and reporting are best-in-class
  • Includes every feature your existing ATS offers
  • Talent Intelligence Platform vs third-party bolt ons
  • Available upgrade to keep your database up-to-date automatically

Award Winning Applicant Tracking System

Manage your entire lifecycle from one recruiting platform.

Master Pipeline

One pipeline to rule them all. View all candidates across every stage and every job on one single page.

End-to-end lifecycle management

Beautiful, simple and effortless workflow to manage your entire recruiting process in one place.


The Loxo workflow and innovative tools virtually guarantee that you will make more placements than ever before.

Become a Hiring Machine

Make more placements per recruiter

Loxo was designed to radically speed up workflow. With less steps required, innovative capabilities and an automatically updating database, recruiters are able to build higher quality talent pipelines and hire in record breaking time.

Customizable Dashboards and Reporting

Set ambitious goals and see performance in real-time

With Loxo, you have access to the most advanced reporting and talent analytics product available inside any applicant tracking system or Recruiting CRM.

Set up individual and team wide goals in your Dashboard, or dig deep into any report across anything you want to measure. Reporting in an ATS has never been this easy.