Loxo Connect™

Get personal emails and phone numbers for 75% of the world’s professionals

Loxo Connect™ verifies personal and work contact information in real-time to help recruiters build relationships with hard-to-find, diverse talent.

Outbound Recruiting

The only tool you’ll ever need for Outbound Recruiting

Loxo’s proprietary technology and network of commercial data partnerships allows Loxo to look up accurate contact information for anyone in seconds. We use artificial intelligence and publicly available information across billions of web pages to continuously improve our verification methods, delivering better data quality and accuracy than you will find anywhere else.

1.2 Billion+ Professionals

Look up contact information inside Loxo or outside using the chrome extension on sites such as LinkedIn, AngelList, Github, SEEK, Nukri, Indeed and others.

31x ROI

The return on investment exceeds 3100% on average, per recruiter, after utilizing Loxo to make a handful of placements.

Privacy Compliant

Loxo is compliant with GDPR, USA privacy laws, and is SOC 2 Type II Certified, offering the highest level of data privacy and security available.

AI-powered Recruiting CRM

Your little black book just got a lot bigger

With Loxo, you get the best Recruiting CRM in the marketplace to manage your workflow, centralize all of your historical activities & communications, and the best contact information of over 1.2 billion professionals - all in one software.

That's right - the best data and the best workflow - all in one software, helping your recruiting team become unstoppable.

Why Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform?

Stop recruiting like it’s 1973

As the world evolves, it's essential for your recruitment strategies to adapt. Loxo offers a cutting-edge Talent Intelligence Platform that streamlines every aspect of the recruitment process.

Its powerful combination of superior data, personal contact information, and AI ensures that it continually improves and becomes increasingly valuable to you. With Loxo, your recruiters can make more placements in record time, by recruiting smarter and more efficiently.

Recruiting Automation

Automate your outreach and become 500% more efficient

High-performance recruiting requires high-performance tools. With Loxo's Talent Intelligence Platform, you can tap into the full power of recruiting automation technology.

Instead of recruiters having to look up contact information manually, one-at-a-time, Loxo makes it an automatic part of your new supercharged workflow.