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Civil Engineer - 1072019
Gainesville, FL
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Management Responsibility

  • Manage projects in accordance with the exercise of discretion and independent judgment, use of experience and knowledge, and in compliance with Jones Edmunds Project Management Manual.
  • Develop concise scope, schedule, and fees for projects and additional scope/services requested by clients that yield highly successful projects for clients and the Company.
  • Develop project plans and manage project performance.
  • Negotiate fees and prepare contracts, including additional fees for out-of-scope work and additional work desired by the client.
  • In conjunction with the Director and Operations Manager, select project teams including task managers, engineers, scientists, CADD staff, Technical Communications staff, administrative support, and subconsultants.
  • Oversee the work of staff on a project-by-project basis.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date project plans in the Company’s management information system including project fundamentals, labor projections, financial goals, and quality program planning.
  • Communicate regularly with the team on project activities and track project progress on completed work relative to agreed-on scope and deliverable goals.
  • Prepare for and participate in regular project performance reviews with Department Managers and Operations Managers.
  • Conduct project team meetings and make presentations to clients.
  • Communicate with clients about project progress, including any challenges or changes required on a project.
  • Work with team members to maximize profitability while maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Provide consultative value to clients.

Marketing Responsibility

  • Establish, develop, and maintain relationships with clients and potential clients.
  • Develop client proposals for projects to ensure a complete scope that meets Company, industry, and client standards and expectations. 
  • Input, monitor, and update marketing opportunities alone or in conjunction with the Primary Client Contacts.
  • Work closely with the Primary Client Contacts to ensure they are informed of project progress, accomplishments, and challenges.
  • Work closely with the Primary Client Contacts to develop new projects and maintain client satisfaction.
  • May be assigned as the Primary Client Contact for a client or clients.
  • Present a professional and positive image of Jones Edmunds.

Technical Responsibility

  • Ability to design a complete project, system, component, or process and prepare complete project documents.
  • Ensure project documents are consistent with project plans and within project scope and budget.
  • Analyze and correlate scientific and engineering data and recognize discrepancies in results using a series of related detailed steps or processes.
  • Identify problems, evaluate options for resolution including risks associated with each, and implement appropriate solutions.

Quality Program Responsibility

  • Responsible for proper quality assurance and quality control on projects in accordance with the Jones Edmunds Project Management Manual and Jones Edmunds Quality Program to ensure projects meet Company, industry, and client standards and expectations.
  • Hold team members and reviewers accountable to the Jones Edmunds standard for quality.
  • Conduct and document brainstorming on all projects before the cost proposal is prepared. 
  • Manage quality control activities to ensure appropriate quality control staff are engaged, and to ensure timely completion and documentation are occurring in accordance with the Company’s Quality Program.
  • Ensure quality control is being implemented on subconsultant work product. 
  • Manage the QC tracking system to ensure quality control is properly documented.


Education:      BS in Engineering or related field from an accredited college or university. A minimum of 10 years of progressive professional experience in an A/E firm focused on municipal civil/environmental projects, and at least 18 hours of continuing intellectual instruction in training programs approved for continuing education hours by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers during the prior 2 years may be substituted for a BS.

Registration:    Require registration as a Florida Professional Engineer, Geologist, or Architect

Certification:    None

Experience:     10+ years of progressive consulting or related experience

Other:              Valid Driver’s License with an acceptable MVR

Gainesville, Tampa, Titusville, Winter Haven, Jacksonville, or Sarasota. 

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